Precision Reading

What is Precision Reading?

Precision Reading is a new, inexpensive, short, daily, research-based reading activity that quickly improves students' abilities in key areas.

  • Reading automaticity (expect dramatic increases in reading speed, accuracy, smoothness, comprehension, and retention).
  • Word recognition and comprehension (expect improved word recognition and comprehension, especially for high frequency sight words and curriculum-related content vocabulary).
  • Passage comprehension (over time, leads to much better retelling, summarization, prediction, interpretation, analysis, questioning, and critical evaluation).

Precision Reading is a one-on-one instructional activity that takes only five minutes per day with most students. Classroom teachers, resource teachers, literacy specialists, teaching assistants, parents, volunteers, and older peer tutors can implement it easily and effectively.

It was developed by Dr. Rick Freeze, Professor of Inclusive Special Education at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Education, in collaboration with inclusive special educators and classroom teachers. In studies at our research schools, students gained 1.5 to 2 grade levels in fluency, word knowledge, and passage comprehension in 18 to 26 weeks of daily Precision Reading for five minutes per student each school day. The method has proven effective for reluctant readers, low achievers, at-risk students, non- readers, and students with attention, learning, and intellectual disabilities. It has been implemented successfully in the early and middle elementary grades;
in junior and senior high schools; in adult education and English as a Second
Language (ESL) programs; and in French Immersion, Francophone, and First
Nations schools.

Since its introduction in 2001, this exciting new approach has spread rapidly to schools across western Canada. Already, thousands of students with reading problems have benefited from Precision Reading.

In the primary grades, it is used in conjunction with classroom reading in Language Arts and across the curriculum. In the middle and senior grades, it is used to improve reading for meaning and develop vocabulary in the content areas.

Students, teachers and parents like Precision Reading. It is designed to give students immediate positive reading experiences. Even the most reluctant and resistant students quickly develop a positive attitude towards reading and become motivated to engage in classroom reading activities. In short, it is a method that:

  • is easily implemented,
  • shows rapid results,
  • teachers find practical,
  • quickly gains parental support, and
  • all students enjoy.


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